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Management concept

Enterprise诚信 、服务、勤奋、超越


Logo recognition

1. The logo with a hexagon to show, emphasize on strong enterprise strength and product like diamond, character and service quality;

2. The structure take the concept of crusher machinery as the extension, like the two crusher teeth meshing, shows the concise and very solid impression;

3. Two English "V" symbol from one victory to another victory, embodies the topcrusher people's dream of creating world famous brand grading crusher and the strong belief of success. 

4. Two wholes covers the enterprise cooperation and win-win concept, the full expression of the top-crusher company cultural guide, merit-based, and growth together with all staff.

5. Top-crusher: 泰伯克(Top-crusher) is the world's best crusher English transliteration.

Enterprise concept

Enterprise vision: 

to create the world graded broken equipment brands

Quality idea: 

quality is the foundation of the realization of supply and demand to win more

The harmonious idea: 

a group of friends Share all the way forward

Security concept:

Fear danger to safe,Feared dead to save

Work ethic:

Meticulous, keep improving

Business philosophy:

Not biggest, only the strongest

Innovative concept:

Constantly create value for customers is our goal and the source of innovation

Talent concept:

Grow together, sharing together

Management concept:

Detail decides success or failure. Vision decision height; Responsibility to win the market; Innovation has a future.